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Chalu Dya Tumcha Movie: Showtimes, Review, Songs, Trailer, Posters, News & Videos | eTimes

Chalu Dya Tumcha (Marathi) Movie in Hindi Download 3gp

If you are looking for a full-on comedy movie that will make you laugh out loud and also give you some food for thought, then you should watch Chalu Dya Tumcha (Let It Be Yours). This is a Marathi movie that was released in 2017 and directed by Rajesh Balkrishna Jadhav. The movie features Milind Gunaji, Vijay Kadam, Nisha Parulekar, and other talented actors in the lead roles.

Chalu Dya Tumcha (Marathi) movie in hindi download 3gp

In this article, we will tell you what Chalu Dya Tumcha is about, why you should watch it, how to download it in Hindi 3gp format, and what are some other Marathi movies you can watch. So, let's get started!

What is Chalu Dya Tumcha About?

Plot Summary

Chalu Dya Tumcha is a comedy-drama movie that revolves around a village called Gavthi Budruk where everyone is obsessed with modern gadgets and technology. They spend all their money on buying smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc., without caring about their basic needs and responsibilities.

The village headman (Milind Gunaji) is also a victim of this craze and neglects his wife (Nisha Parulekar) and daughter (Megha Ghatge). He also ignores the problems faced by the villagers such as water scarcity, poor sanitation, lack of education, etc.

One day, a young man named Raju (Sandesh Gokhale) comes to the village as a salesman of a mobile company. He convinces everyone to buy new phones with attractive schemes and offers. However, he has a hidden motive behind his actions. He is actually a conman who wants to loot the villagers and run away with their money. He also falls in love with the headman's daughter and plans to elope with her.

Will Raju succeed in his plan? Will the villagers realize their mistake and change their attitude? Will the headman mend his ways and save his family and village? To find out, you have to watch Chalu Dya Tumcha!


Chalu Dya Tumcha is a hilarious movie that will make you laugh with its witty dialogues, funny situations, and comic characters. The movie mocks the blind craze for technology and the ignorance of rural people who fall prey to it. The movie also satirizes the corruption, hypocrisy, and selfishness of the urban people who exploit the rural people.

The movie has many scenes that will tickle your funny bone, such as the villagers trying to use their phones in different ways, the headman's wife getting angry at him for ignoring her, the salesman's antics to woo the villagers and the headman's daughter, the villagers' reactions to the water crisis, etc. The movie also has some hilarious songs that add to the humor quotient.


Chalu Dya Tumcha is not just a comedy movie, but also a drama movie that touches your heart with its emotional scenes, realistic characters, and social message. The movie shows the plight of the rural people who face various problems such as poverty, illiteracy, drought, disease, etc., but still have a positive outlook on life.

The movie also shows the contrast between the rural and urban lifestyles, values, and cultures. The movie highlights the importance of family, love, honesty, and simplicity over money, greed, deception, and materialism. The movie also shows how technology can be a boon or a bane depending on how we use it.


Chalu Dya Tumcha is a movie that has a strong message for the audience. The movie conveys that technology is not bad in itself, but we should use it wisely and responsibly. We should not let technology take over our lives and make us forget our basic needs, duties, and values. We should also not fall for false promises and schemes that may harm us in the long run.

The movie also conveys that we should respect and appreciate our rural roots and culture. We should not look down upon or exploit our rural brethren who are an integral part of our society and nation. We should also help them in their development and progress by providing them with education, health care, water supply, etc.



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