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Watch THINK LIKE A DOG (2020) BRRip

The Home tab will likely be the area on which you spend the majority of time and the first several categories there are of particular interest. Note that some categories only appear after you take a particular action. For example, the Recent category only appears after you have watched content or opened apps.

Watch THINK LIKE A DOG (2020) BRRip

Below this row you will find a sponsored advertisement followed by the On Now category. This row will only appear after you have scanned for over-the-air channels and displays the channels that are available to you. As you focus channels, the current program will begin playing and VoiceView will inform you of what is being played as well as the percentage of the program that has currently passed. For example, if you were viewing a show at 10:15 that lasted for 30 minutes, it may say something like "Nightly News, 50%." It may be the quality of the antenna I am using, but it takes a moment for the current program to load, which causes VoiceView to stutter a bit which can make it difficult to understand what program is being played at times. Fortunately, other, more effective methods for selecting channels to view will be discussed later. If you would like to watch a channel in this category, pressing the Select button will begin regular playback. 041b061a72


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