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Where To Buy Bulk Flower Seeds

Beautify your garden, meadow or landscape at an affordable price! Wildflowers are the answer to many gardening obstacles: a tricky piece of terrain or uncooperative soil, a huge lawn that requires constant mowing, or an unattractive landscape in need of color. Regardless of your motivation, wildflower gardening is a simple and time-tested method of beautifying your land naturally and affordably. We are proud to offer the finest wildflower seeds at the lowest prices. Explore today!

where to buy bulk flower seeds

Commercial seed companies, mail order catalog companies, packet companies, retail stores and garden center businesses turn to Garden Trends Wholesale, who offers a wide variety of wholesale vegetable seeds and flower seeds.

We enjoy special relationships with our customers throughout the industry, offering them bulk seed to sell in their catalogs or packet displays. We also offer our Harris Seeds brand seed line up to retailers throughout the country, included is our quality seeds in both bulk seeds for scoop sales and our prepacked sizes for home gardeners.

FlowerSeedStore.Com is proud to offer over 500 of the finest and freshest flower seeds on the planet! From Alyssum to Zinnia and everything in between, we offer all your favorite flower seeds, as well as many new and unusual hybrids. We also offer an outstanding selection of wildflower seed mixes and heirloom flower seed varieties. So dig in, get dirty, and get growing today!

With over 600 varieties of flowers to choose from, there is surely a flower cultivar for every garden. We pride ourselves in finding high-quality, rare, and hard-to-find flower seeds to bring your gardens the interest and intrigue of growing something your neighbors may not. Our selection contains hundreds of well-known heirlooms, open-pollinated, and organic varieties. A proud supporter of the Safe Seed Pledge, all our seeds have always been and continue to be untreated and non-GMO.

Consider a variety of native plants, cut flower staples, and annual and perennial varieties to preserve biodiversity. Most flowers naturally self-seed in the wild, so direct sowing these beauties is no problem. A majority of warm-season flowers, like marigolds, zinnias, and sunflowers, actually prefer to be direct seeded when possible, as they have delicate taproots. But nearly all flowers can also be started indoors, in seed trays or pots. Sowing flower seeds indoors is particularly helpful for growers in cooler climates that have a shorter growing season.

Bring nature to your doorstep with a beautiful field or flower bed of stunning, vibrant wildflowers. Whether you have acres or a small container on your patio, you can find our flower seeds for sale in a variety of increments from packets to pounds. Transform a bed, border, or meadow, or rethink your grass lawn with a wonderful wildflower alternative. Growing flowers from seed has never been easier, and we'll show you exactly how to do it in our Flower Seed Planting Guides.

Bulk wildflower seed mix allows you to have a stunning display of color anywhere in your yard or garden. Choose from perennial or cut-flower mixes ideal for having an abundance of your favorite species. Dryland and low-growing wildflower seeds may be perfect options for areas with arid or semi-arid climates that have inconsistent rainfall. A partial shade mixture helps you grow a variety of beautiful flowers in areas that may have at least a moderate amount of shade.

If you enjoy having hummingbirds or butterflies in your yard, we offer wildflower mixtures that will attract these beauties. Butterflies and hummingbirds play a vital role in pollination, as do bees, and you can take advantage of mixes to attract butterflies. Intermountain and Midwest seed mixes help provide an abundance of the flower types that you most like to see but may not have growing wild in your yard all the time. When you're searching for perennial wildflowers seeds or annual seeds, you'll also enjoy being able to choose deer-resistant species that are less likely to end up being eaten before you get the full enjoyment from them.

You can sprinkle wildflower seeds, but you will have the best chances of seeing growth if you prepare the soil first. Consider raking over a fine layer of soil to help provide better protection from wind or heavy rainfall. If you choose to nourish your seeds with organic matter like peat moss or compost, the seeds will benefit from being sown in a bed with preparation.

Another advantage of a prepared bed is that a light layer of soil helps protect the seeds from hungry birds. If you have an existing group of wildflowers growing in your yard and like a "wild" look, this type of area may be a great place to consider sprinkling some seeds. Think about how much preparation or upkeep you would like to do.

Wildflower seeds should be planted during the early spring months in most locations to help eliminate issues with temperature extremes. In areas with particularly cold winter weather, spring planting allows the seeds to take root after the threat of frost is mostly past. When planting in places with very hot temperatures in the summer, early planting will help your young plants avoid heat-related damage.

In areas with relatively cool climates, fall planting may be ideal for wildflower seeds. Plant your seeds after the first hard frost arrives in your area. The seeds should result in flowers that are in full bloom in early spring.

Wildflower seeds are likely to come back yearly after they have become established in their growing area. To give your wildflowers the best chance of returning, make sure you allow them to reseed. Keeping the flowerbed well nourished is one of the best ways to ensure that your flowers will return yearly.

To make sure you have a good display each year, consider reseeding your garden area. If the wildflower seeds that you have planted include varieties that are not native, you are more likely to have to reseed these species. Make sure you are consistent about how you keep your seeds nourished in all cases.

Main Street Seed and Supply has been a leading supplier of flower seeds for over 20 years, offering customers the best quality at great prices. With our versatile shipping department and bulk-buying system, we make it easy to shop with us for bulk flower seeds online. From traditional favorites to modern hybrids, our selection is vast; we have nine different varieties of sunflowers alone and over 50 varieties of flowers. For any kind of landscape project, from annuals to biennials or perennials, Main Street Seed and Supply has you covered with an unbeatable selection.We also carry a large assortment of vegetable seeds and many other garden varieties to choose from. Our extensive collection and low cost will make your garden project truly unique!Be sure to determine the best planting times for your region as planting dates vary.

Main Street Seed and Supply has been selling flower seeds for over 20 years and has developed a large selection and a great number of loyal customers. We have a diversified shipping department that keeps shipping costs to a minimum, and our seeds are sold in bulk instead of packets with pretty pictures, thus keeping costs low and allowing you to buy seeds online. We also carry a large variety of vegetable seeds. Be sure to keep us in mind for all of your gardening needs!

Knowing how to save flower seeds properly will provide a great cost savings to you and will cut down on waste. The key to saving flower seeds is protecting them against moisture, humidity, sunlight, air and major temperature fluctuations. To do this, you'll need a sealable glass jar and plastic bags.

With proper storage, flower seeds can last many years and sometimes years after their predicted expiration. Seeds are living organisms that are dormant until they begin to germinate. While you can do everything right and store your seeds properly, you may still end up with some seeds that never germinate. This is why we recommend starting the germination process indoors with your saved seeds to weed out any that are no longer viable. One of the easiest germination methods is with a paper towel, and we've outlined how to do it at the end of the article linked here.

For the best cost savings, we offer bulk flower seeds by the pound! At Main Street Seed and Supply, you'll find popular flower seeds available in options from 1/4 lb all the way up to 10 lbs. So whether you're a humble gardener designing a gorgeous patch or a farmer looking for the best flower seeds at a great price, we have something for you!

Believe it or not, but winter is actually the best time of year to purchase fresh seeds for your flower garden. If you are reading this in the spring, you may find that many seed companies have already sold out of the more popular seed varieties. Make sure you sign-up and subscribe to the email lists of these seed companies below so you know when their seeds go on sale!

Seed companies often release their newest seed collections and seed catalogs in January. As gardening as grown in popularity over the past few years, the demand for quality seeds has also grown. One of the most economical ways to start a flower garden and get a head start is with fresh seeds.

Sweet peas are one of my favorite fragrant flowers. These annual flower seeds bloom in the late spring and early summer. Their fragrance is hard to beat. Here are a few of my favorite sweet pea flower seed retailers in the United States:

Tulips, the spring favorite and one of the world's most popular flowers! Tulips are best when planted in large groupings, for a big display of color. Sold with 1,000 bulbs per package, our rainbow, red, yellow or purple bulk tulip bulbs are perfect for making a big display of color.

Dwarf Polka Dot Mix Seeds are flower seeds that are very easy to grow, making them perfect for beginner gardeners or children gardens. The Cornflower seeds are large which make them easy to handle for younger children, and germination is quick and bountiful, creating a fun mixture of colors. The variety of colors include anything from white and lavender to blue and pink. It is best to use a mass planting in order to get a good appreciation of the vast number of colors. The blooms are very good for dried flower arrangements, as they don't lose their color when they die. They are annual flowers and tend to have a height of between 24-30 inches. They're additionally appealing to gardeners because they're resistant to deer, which is ideal in certain parts of America and other parts of the world. They bloom from late spring to early fall, and can grow in direct sunlight or sometimes even partial shade. The soil needs to be well-drained and when planted they need to have a temperature of approximately 65 degrees Fahrenheit. They have a germination period of about 14-28 days. Ideally, they should be sown up to a depth of a quarter of an inch. The sowing rate should be between 10-12 seeds per plant or at least 6 seeds for every foot. It is best to sow them anywhere between 6 and 12 inches apart. 041b061a72


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