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Asher Wright
Asher Wright

Mac Os X For Macbook A1181

So I work at ubreakifix, and my coworker brings an old Macbook 2006 a1181 and gives it to me. It's white, has yellow stains and looks like it was in a fire. So I cleaned it up good with hydrogen peroxide, alcohol and such and made it look nice! It had 1/2 gb of DDR2 that I upgraded to its maximum 3gb ram. I'm going to put an SSD and replace the optical drive with an HDD caddy. -Apple-MacBook-A1181-A1260/dp/B00KGEZAFA

Mac Os X For Macbook A1181

So far so good. However, this macbook only supports OS X 10.7.11, which is so old Chrome and Firefox don't support it. This is really unfortunate because the Macbook is still usable and actually pretty snappy (the core duo does a good job with light activities) so I don't want to give up on it just yet. So here I am, trying to get UBUNTU on my Mac. So convert my usb to fat32 and boot ubuntu right? WRONG, uefi does not see the USB...

I was recently prompted to d/l the most recent V. of firefox for my old macbook running 10.6.8 and AFTER REPLACING the older V. I'm told the new V. won't run. I've tried getting El Capitan from Apple but the d/l won't even start. Please help me! 350c69d7ab


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