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What Can We Hope For With Iphone 3.0 OS Update .. Can We Look Towards Jailbreak Apps !LINK!

Hi,I am from Australia and using and unlock iphone (with vodafone network) and Firmware 1.0.2 .I already update App Tapp to 3.0b3Experieceing some problems with freezzing!!!!Can I update the apple firmware to 1.1.1?Will it lock my phone ?Thanks

What can we hope for with iphone 3.0 OS update .. can we look towards jailbreak apps

Thanks For you reply,I have an iphone unlock firmware 1.0.2 work fine,After update AppTapp 3.03b and followed the recommened to install Firmware1.1.1Now I have a unsuale phone with the screen saying Activate iPhoneI tried to downgard back to 1.0.2 but unsucessful!

I was prompted today 1/20/08 to update my installer from withen installer when I started it.I did that and I can not start the installer any more.All it does is start to blank page and shuts down again. My Iphone version is 1.1.2. I do not know what to do next I tried reseting the device but no luck. can someone help. thanks

Sorry that you are experiencing the same thing. I would NOT use mobile finder to delete anything since you may do other damage to your file structure. Also, there may be items installed in other folders that you would need to delete. Your best bet is to either wait until something new comes out that fixes (might be on some other sites) or upgrade to 1.1.3 (you will lose 3rd party apps) and wait till the jailbreak for that is out (supposedly it has been done but not officially released until Apple releases the SDK). I think the 3rd party developers are waiting to see what happens with the SDK.

Well, since your iPhone version is 1.1.3, you cannot use the installer. You must have done the install through iTunes and your firmware is upgraded (and your iPhone is now NOT jailbroken). The firmware 1.1.3 does re-lock your phone as well as un-jailbreak it. In the future, you really need to be careful on what you choose to upgrade. This has nothing to do with nullriver. You simply upgraded your firmware and now you are stuck until someone figures out an easy way to jailbreak and/or unlock.Sorry to bring you bad news.-HTD

for those with 1.1.3 use ziphone. Works great to jailbreak. As far as this installer crash, same thing happened as far as the update but I can still connect and download. But I can not add sources, or rather I add sources but no content is added. I really wanted those nes roms too

I would really like to hear an official statement on backward compatibility for SwiftUI from Apple. The library annotations make me think I won't like what their position will be, but I need some closure on this issue. Personally, I am looking ahead to revamping some UI code so my app will pass the fully size adaptive requirement for App Store acceptance that will be in force in April. And I need to know, is there any hope that I can use SwiftUI for it?

I am very new to the apple device thing and have a couple of questions about the jail breaking thing I own an unlocked iPhone 4s and it has been updated to the newest 9.3.2 version of the apple ios is there a jailbreak for my phone with this version or is there a way to go back to an older version of the ios to be able to do this I would really like to try this out on this device I have a home based business fixing and repairing computers phones and tablets and have had numerous requests from customers if I can do this and would really like to learn how on my device first

Like me, I tried almost everything here but failed.. then try & error, I removed some latest apps I donwloaded (the to-do list-kind of apps) and there it goes, the iphone is back to normal.. it seems like some apps tempered with my phone settings but can't detect it until the apps is removed..

hi i have an iphone 16gb with the updated software version 4.3.2 my ihpone since yesterday has been acting weird every time i try to make a call it immediatly says call ended and when someone trys to ring me they get the engaged dialtone back and i recieve no missed calls from it. i can text and do everything else normal but cannot recieve or make any phone calls!! i brought it into my network providor and they cannot explain it can anyone figure this out!?

Both of these essentially act as a WebKit wrapper, so you can build your application with HTML/CSS/JavaScript. It's a pretty portable solution, too, but you are somewhat limited in what you can make - i.e, no intensive rendering or anything. It really all depends on what you're looking to do.

You could do what saurik of Cydia does, and write your code on a PC then build it on the iPhone itself (it is a Mac, technically!) after you jailbreak it. However, you don't get Interface Builder, so you're basically creating UIs in code by hand. It'd also be pretty tough to actually submit your app without a Mac.

wow, it did work!! really. Well for all the people asking, it ONLY works for the SDK 3.0 with XCode 3.1.3, this is the download link from apple =/iphone/iphone_sdk_3.0__final/iphone_sdk_3.0__leopard__9m2736__final.dmg the only limitation is that you can only make apps for OS 3.0 or lower (it works for me because I am learning) the only thing and I dont know why is that I dont have to apply the last script for project.

Ok yesterday i jailbroken my iphone everything works good and the app store is good nothing wrong with it. But your problem about the apps u downloaded before. Yes the hole jailbreaking thing resets your iphone so you must have backed up your i phone before u had jailbroken it so u can easily reconnect your iphone again after jailbreaking it and the itunes will sync the games and the music and the contacts that u had before on the iphone before u jailbroken it.Besides that the iphone works just fine.Need any further help

Ok .. I used cydia to get app called winterboard. Then I got another app from Themes (springboard) and I used it to change the look of my iphone. That worked perfectly, but now I cant dial out. I can only dial by using the contacts, but not if i wanted to dial a number thats not in my contacts what shall i do ?

If you have v3.01 firmware use redsn0w when you Jailbreak & Unlock your iphone, if you have V3.01 firmware you can update to 3.0 firmware while useing redsn0w, this will allow you to install Cydia. Jailbreaking & Unlocking the New iphone 3GS is a little Risky, you can end up with a duff Handset.

hey i was just wondering if you guys or anyone else has been working on a opod/iphone 3.1.3 jailbreak?And can i ask why everytime i try to take my iphone or ipod 3.1.3 back a firmware it will come up with a error saying im not eligible for it?

I am from India and I have just brought an iphone. I am not really tech savvy but whatever I have read online. I think my phone is unlocked as I am able to call and msg. But the installer application is not there thru which I get cydia. Do I need to jailbreak my phone to get cydia?is there any chance my phone would get locked if I try doing it?and what is easiest and risk-free method to get it? My phone version is3.1.2. Any help would be appreciated.please help.

I have a iphone3gs with 3.12 and was able to jailbreak with blackra1n. Which i think is the best program to use. i also have cydia and i have no issue. You just have to becareful what source and what you can always downgrade if you have 3.1.3 to 3.1.2 by first synce your phone so that you wont loss anything then on the main screen of itune where it said restore press shirt and click and you will see a file to open 3.1.2 open and download. this will get you back to 3.1.2. now go ahead and downloan blackra1n and you will have cydia on your phone. your phone will not be unlocked it will just be jailbroken so you can download any apps you want. hit me if you have any questions


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