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Buy 10 Acres Of Land

Pennsylvania is known for being home to battle sites from the Civil War and American Revolution, including Gettysburg and Valley Forge. Check out these FAQs to learn more about land for sale in Pennsylvania.

buy 10 acres of land

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The average price per acre for land in Pennsylvania is just over $30,000. The cost of houses for sale in Pennsylvania with land or additional acreage is often higher. Many counties of the 67 in PA have rural properties available, with Pike County having the largest number and Bedford County being a popular area for purchasing land.

With opportunities for hunting, fishing, hiking and off-roading, the Keystone State has much to offer. There are farms for sale in Pennsylvania throughout the state where you can cultivate and harvest corn, soybeans, apples, and cherries, or you can use land to grow Christmas trees or raise poultry.

Regulations for land use have existed in Pennsylvania since the 1700s, so it's important to find out if the land you want to purchase has any restrictions for use. Land may or may not be zoned for residential use, which would impact your ability to build a home. Rural areas without zoning ordinances give you more freedom to use your land as you please.

While Florida has a reputation for flooding and hurricanes, not all land is hurricane-prone, though it's all at risk for flooding because everything is at or close to sea level. However, if you research the weather in different areas, you can find non-storm-prone areas. Plus, if you have the right insurance protection, you can rebuild or repair if you live in a storm zone.

Florida is a state where property is highly sought-after, with its year-round fair temperatures, beautiful beaches and no state sales tax. However, before you jump into purchasing land, it helps to know a bit more about Florida land for sale.

Eleven acres of gently rolling hills with a gorgeous view of the San Luis waterfall in the coastal hills above Uvita. Easy Access on well maintained roads. 3bd/1ba house with car port & 2 kitchens. Solid concrete construction. Large horse stable. 80% usable land. The best option for a sustainable farm, horse ranch, or development property.

Two stunning ocean and rainforest mountain view lots encompassing nearly four acres are being offered together at one great price. Huge building site with electricity and ASADA water in place. Public road frontage allows for commercial development. Private location only 10 min. to Ojochal. Option to buy neighboring 2 acre lot.

Escape to a serene and exclusive residential community in Platanillo, Costa Rica. Boasting stunning waterfall views and peaceful living experiences near to Dominical lush rainforests. Enjoy the lush animal life and breathtaking views of the valley that stretches for miles, with home sites ranging from 1.6-7 acres in size.

Three lots offered together with a combined area of 6 acres. Build ready with public road frontage, water, & electricity in place. Large building sites. Serene setting with ocean & mountain views only 10 minutes from town. A truly dramatic setting, perfect for development of a permanent residence or a revenue-generating rental property.

Private 8.2 acre parcel with ocean view home complete with mature landscaping, carport, lap pool and additional guest house. Great prospect for rental income. Flat buildable land with development potential on numerous private building sites. Jungle setting teaming with wildlife only minutes to Ojochal and surrounding beaches.

Serenity in nature is what you will find at this jungle property with Talamanca views near Tinamastes. The property is 8.42 acres with large building sites combined with almost of third of green primary jungle, and an internal road that leads to a beautiful year-round flowing river, and the water can be heard all throughout the property.

This 6.48-acre land parcel is located in the mountains above San Isidro. The property features Chirripo and Tinamaste mountain views, a seasonal dry creek, forested areas, easy public road frontage, and a gentle topography with at least three large building sites. ASADA water and electric are already on site so you can get started right away.

Acre is a standard measurement used for real estate in the US. It came from the Middle Ages and was initially used to describe the land size that could be plowed by one man in one day using oxen and a wooden plow.

One acre is comparable to a square measuring 66 feet by 220 yards which equals 43,560 square feet. Additionally, an acre is about 0.405 hectares or 4,840 square meters. Consequently, 10 acres would equal 435,600 square feet. Below, we help you visualize 10 acres of land and get a better understanding of how big it really is.

The first definition of an acre was land that one man could plow using oxen and a wooden plow in one day. The standard practice was to rest the oxen after plowing 660 feet. So, a unit measurement known as furlong came out of this practice.

Even if you have the general concept of how big one acre of land is, picturing 10 acres can be tricky. However, once you get a visual representation, it will be easier to grasp what ten acres look like. Here are nine examples to help you with that.

Walmart Supercenters generally cover a much more significant area than Walmart Discounts. Supercenters can be anywhere from 69,000 to 260,000 square feet with an average of 187,000 square feet, equal to 4.2 acres. So, to get an idea of how 10 acres is, visualize 2.3 Walmart Supercenters.

A standard basketball court is 91.86 feet long and 49.21 feet wide. Measured in square feet, the average size of a basketball court is 4,700 square feet. Therefore, one basketball court equals 0.11 acres, and you can fit nearly 90 of them inside 10 acres.

The Pentagon, the largest office building in the world, covers 6,500,000 square feet or 150 acres. If you visualize dividing the Pentagon into 15 equal rooms, each room would be a whopping 10 acres in size.

Wondering how many houses you can fit on a 10-acre plot? According to Statista, the median size of a single-family house is 2,261 square feet which equals 0.05 acres. So, to visualize 10 acres, picture 192 homes of 2,261 square feet together.

Wondering how many cars can park on 10 acres? According to estimations, you can fit in 1,560 cars on a 10-acre parking lot. To help you visualize better, take into account that Disneyland has parking for 10,000 vehicles.

Shipping containers can vary in size. However, the most common ones are 40 feet long and 8 feet wide. These containers take up 320 square feet or 0.007 acres. Therefore, to cover a 10-acre land parcel, you would need 1,361 of these average-sized shipping containers.

According to this report from the Center for Profitable Agriculture at the University of Tennessee, you can add 156 parking spots within a single acre. By taking that number of parking spaces and multiplying it by the 10 acres of land you now have available, you can fit 1,560 parking spaces into this much land.

If you have a stack of potatoes, each 5 inches, and you line them up one by one on the ground, you could spread 1,584 potatoes across one acre. Simple math tells us that with 10 acres, you can now lay out a huge line of 15,840 potatoes!

Since you get 15 tennis courts with a single acre of land, having 10 acres now affords you 150 tennis courts. The US Open, which is hosted at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Queens, New York has only 22 tennis courts, 4 which are show courts and 12 which are practice courts. 041b061a72


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