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City Hunter Movie Free Download

Based on the popular manga series of the same name, City Hunter stars Jackie Chan as womanising private eye Ryu Saeba, who is hired to locate Shizuko (Kumiko Goto), runaway teenage daughter of a wealthy CEO of a Japanese newspaper. His search for the missing girl leads him to stow aboard a luxury cruise ship, where he not only bumps into his pretty partner Kaori (Joey Wang), but also a pair of sexy female detectives, a super smooth card sharp named Kôtetsu (Leon Lai), and a nasty gang of terrorists, led by the evil Col. MacDonald (Richard Norton), who intend to hold the richest of the ship's passengers for ransom, and throw everyone else to the sharks.Although City Hunter was made on a relatively sizable budget and features an excellent international cast (including regular Chan co-star Norton, kick-boxing champion Gary Daniels, and plenty of hot Asian babes), the film is a real low point in Chan's career because it is so incredibly silly. The man who found mega-success in the action comedy genre during the 1980s takes his zany slapstick humour several steps too far and the result is a laugh-free catastrophe. Put simply, Jackie is just too wacky.Amongst the most cringe-worthy moments are Ryu being attacked by a gang of criminals' girlfriends, the hungry detective imagining a woman to be made from food, a mind-numbingly daft fight scene in which Ryu adopts the various Streetfighter game personas (including **wince** Chun Li) for a fight against Daniels, and a dreadful song and dance number featuring a pair of camp DJs (at least Jackie doesn't embarrass himself by getting involved in this debacle!).The best bit sees Chan taking on a pair of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar lookalikes in a movie theatre as Bruce Lee's infamous Game of Death battle against the real KAJ plays in the background, but inventiveness of this level is rare, with the bulk of the film being an unmitigated mess. Unsurprisingly, Chan disowned the film after its release.

City Hunter Movie Free Download

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