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Because the BKplayer.exe. is a small file it can be compressed with various different compression software. I have not gone through all of them with my good eye for looks. I will explain shortly why you should bother with my findings and how I got there.


Download Zip:

bkplayer.exe is used to play various types of media files and is used for entertainment purposes. It is one of the best alternatives for Windows Media Player as they both have similar features. Once the BKplayer.exe has been installed the media player window comes up as seen in the image below.

For playing your media files in no time, you can install the BKplayer. Media player.exe with the help of which you can play any kind of multimedia file. The Windows Media player is not free and some type of media player has to play media files. bkplayer.exe is a utility that can be used to play any kind of multimedia file.

The BKplayer.exe comes in avariety of flavours and is linked with various different file extensions. The specific one I am dealing with here has come on an optical disk which presents the contents as seen in the image below.

6. I end up with two files. a BKPlayer.exe and a help file. if we look inside the BKPlayer.exe we will see that it is a copy/clone of the main exe. I am sure the BKPlayer team must have used that as a "bonus" in developing their own version for adobe acrobat.

8. The BKPlayer.exe now has a file BKPlayer.exe.bak in it. In order to find out what else you can do with the BKPlayer software I have renamed the BKPlayer.exe into BKPlayer.exe. 2.0 and located that and am running it.


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