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Where Can I Buy Super Bowl Tickets BEST

The price of Super Bowl tickets often fluctuates drastically based on the game's location, the matchup, seat location, and date of purchase. Generally, the historical cost of the average super bowl resale ticket has ranged between $4,000 and $6,000.

where can i buy super bowl tickets

Fans can purchase tickets online at Ticketmaster at or by downloading the NFL OnePass in the app store. NO convenience fees will be applied to your purchase on Ticketmaster whether online or via NFL OnePass. Fans can also purchase tickets at the Super Bowl Experience box office located at the Phoenix Convention Center. Fans are encouraged to pre- purchase their tickets on Ticketmaster to avoid lines at the box office.

Watch the websites you visit. As a consumer, you should not click on banner ads or pop-ups on a legitimate website (like StubHub or Ticketmaster) that may take you to a different website. You lose all protections and guarantees once you leave a legitimate website in favor of discounted tickets or other promises somewhere else.

Except that number only represents what they recovered. Also, many victims of fraud didn't buy their tickets on the street, where the police could recover them. A lot of incidents of fraud go unreported. This year's tickets have a black-on-black hologram that have the Super Bowl logo, the word Detroit and the game date. But remember, only the pros' pros dabble in counterfeiting at the Super Bowl. A woman has already been charged with selling 105 fake Super Bowl XL tickets for $400 each for a profit of $42,000.

4. Once in town, the closer you get to the stadium, the better chance you have of getting tickets. If anything, it's the exact opposite. Scalpers know you are close, but they also know you are likely desperate. It's also the place where they are most likely to get caught. Some of the most brisk business takes place in the downtown area near the hotels.

Third-party ticket sales are up and running, and On Location sales began in May. With sales "well beyond where we were at this point last year," Renzulli says, it may be wise to buy your tickets sooner rather than later.

General Fan Parking goes onsale January 30. All ticket purchasers can visit to purchase parking passes for Gameday. Parking lots will open at 11:30 AM MT on Super Bowl Sunday. Tailgating is not allowed in any NFL managed locations. Parking reservations are only available to Super Bowl LVII ticket holders. Additionally, overnight parking is not available and all vehicles must exit by 4:00 AM MT. 041b061a72


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