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Subtitle The January Man

MOHAMMAD ABBAS: [subtitles] I think this is the freedom and democracy that we worked for. Whatever the choice is, and whether we agree with it or not, I think it's the best choice for Egypt.

subtitle The January Man

PROTESTER: [subtitles] If the revolution is left unfinished, the people will be buried with it. Egyptians don't accept this corrupt system. The revolution hasn't achieved its goals. Half a revolution is a coffin for the people.

GENERAL EL-SISI: [subtitles] If the demands of the people are not met by the designated deadline, the armed forces declare to all that they will be forced to announce a map for the future and take steps to implement it.

MOHAMMAD ABBAS: [subtitles] We spent a year-and-a-half under the control of the military. We protested against them on the streets. Now they've come back to power through a coup against an elected authority that we also wanted to see ousted, but through civil action. This should've happened through early presidential elections.

Gontcho A Gontcho partnered with two researchers at the Vatican Observatory, Jean-Baptiste Kikwaya Eluo and Paul Gabor, to make the Lemaître video more accessible. The interview was conducted in French and aired with Flemish subtitles. The English translation (led by Gontcho A Gontcho) and French transcription are now available in a paper on the arXiv, an open-access collection of scientific articles.

Bong's quote was a way of gently chiding those who let subtitles hold them back from enjoying the greatest cinema the non-English-speaking world has to offer. And the man was a goddamn prophet. Because in the wake of his Oscars triumph came a discourse that could only take breath in a social media vacuum addicted to the galaxy brain take. Yep, people got upset about subtitles.

It started with "Dubbing is better than subtitles," a (since revised) piece in Mother Jones. "Of course no one likes subtitles," it boldly states, adding that pretending subtitles aren't an issue is "faux sophistication of the highest order."

The Mother Jones story inspired the online outrage it was designed to create. Because of course (for the most part) no one really minds subtitles and of course subtitles are an absolutely metric buttload of an improvement compared with dubs.

So here it is, the galaxy brain take of galaxy brain takes: Subtitles are good. Subtitles are very good. Possibly even always good. No matter what language is being spoken, even if you speak that language, subtitles should be on and visible. At all times.

The idea that subtitles detract from the performance of actors is old-fashioned. My brain, and any brain for that matter, is capable of being present with both simultaneously. The subtitles are simply there to provide more information. I use "behind the lyrics" on Spotify to read song lyrics while listening. All that does is enhance the experience. TV and movies are no different.

Look, I'm Scottish. My accent is damn near impenetrable. If someone like me is on screen, don't you want to know what the hell that guy is saying? Trust me, if augmented reality allowed subtitles to appear magically over my head during conversations with Americans, I'd be more than cool with it. Actually, I'd recommend it.

The Pornhub class action lawsuit notes that Pornhub and multiple other pornography websites are owned by Mindgeek Holdings. Allegedly, Mindgeek fails to provide subtitles on many of its pornography websites, including Redtube and Youporn.

Suris says that he and many other deaf individuals would have liked to pay for premium access to additional content through Pornhub, but doing so would have been useless to them because the videos in the premium content do not have subtitles.

I am hearing impaired, I wear hearing aids in both ears there are times when subtitles would be nice to accompany any video I watch because there are times when its still hard to hear when I have my hearing aids in and the volume turned up. When my battery is dead its almost impossible to hear anything at all so the subtitles are a must

Mega Man Battle Network 3 is the first game to come in 2 versions and the final Japanese game to don the Battle Network subtitle. The game saw the first time outside merchandise influences the series gameplay. In some later promotional material, the initial Japanese version of game was called Rockman EXE 3 WHITE.

Philippe Lioret (France 2009) 110 min. 35MM. With Vincent Lindon, Firat Ayverdi. French, Kurdish & English with English subtitles.A compassionate immigration drama about the hope of new beginnings and the power of true love, Welcome centers on two couples contending with issues of separation and dislocation. A 17 year-old Kurdish refugee has struggled his way through Europe for 3 months, trying to reunite with his girlfriend, who recently emigrated to England. Stopped by authorities on the French side of the Channel, he meets a swimming instructor in turmoil over his imminent divorce. Their relationship is an extraordinary account of human bonding that won the Ecumenical Jury & Europa Prize at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Jonas Carpignano (Italy/France/US/Germany 2015) 107 min. DCP. With Koudous Seihon, Alassane Sy. Multiple languages with English subtitles.This remarkably timely, eye-opening look at an all-too-real issue charts the death-defying struggle of African migrants as they risk everything to start a new life in Europe. Ayiva (first time actor Koudous Seihon in a revelatory performance) and Abas (Sy) are close friends from Burkina Faso determined to make it to Italy in order to find work and provide for their families back home. But even after surviving the harrowing journey nothing can prepare the two men for the hostility and violence that awaits them.

Aki Kaurismäki (France/Finland 2011) 93 min. 35MM. With André Wilms, Kati Outinen, Blondin Miguel. French with English subtitles.In this warmhearted portrait of the French harbor city that gives the film its name, fate throws young African refugee Idrissa (Miguel) into the path of Marcel Marx (Wilms), a well-spoken bohemian who works as a shoeshiner. With innate optimism and the unwavering support of his community, Marcel stands up to officials doggedly pursuing the boy for deportation. A political fairy tale that exists somewhere between the reality of contemporary France and the classic cinema of Jean-Pierre Melville and Marcel Carné, Le Havre is a charming, deadpan delight.

BELOVED/FRIEND From Spain, a drama about questioning life's big issues. A dying gay college professor decides to make the soon-to-be grandchild of his best friend his heir. In Spanish with English subtitles. Feb. 4.

THE CARRIERS ARE WAITING (LES CONVOYEURS ATTENDENT) A Belgian satire from Benoît Mariage about the pursuit of fame. A small-town photographer talks his 15-year-old son into training to become the world's opening-and-closing-doors champion. In French with English subtitles. March 15.

KADOSH From Israel, a romantic drama set in the Orthodox Jewish quarter of Jerusalem. The story of a childless couple told they must separate so the man can remarry. Directed by Amos Gitai. In Hebrew with English subtitles. Feb. 16.

THE LITTLE THIEF (LE PETIT VOLEUR) From Erick Zonca, who directed "Dreamlife of Angels." A cinéma vérité-style look at a young man who moves to Marseilles to join a gang of thieves. In French with English subtitles. March 1.

LONG NIGHT'S JOURNEY INTO DAY A documentary about South Africa's post-apartheid commission, whose purpose is to heal the country's wounds. Frances Reid and Deborah Hoffmann's film is about forgiveness and absolution. In English and in Xhosa and Afrikaans with English subtitles. March 29.

OUTLAW! From Italy, a prison escape movie with "Dog Day Afternoon" overtones. Stefano Accorsi plays the would-be escapee, a man who once robbed banks with a toy gun. Written and directed by Enzo Monteleone. In Italian with English subtitles. Feb. 2.

SET ME FREE A coming-of-age drama set in 1960's Montreal. A 13-year-old girl (Karine Vanasse) becomes obsessed with a character in a Godard film (Nana in "Vivre Sa Vie") and decides one of her teachers (Nancy Huston) is just like her. In French with English subtitles. February. 041b061a72


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