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Final Fantasy VII PC Original (Unmodified)

Throughout this license, the terms 'package', 'FreeType Project',and 'FreeType archive' refer to the set of files originallydistributed by the authors (David Turner, Robert Wilhelm, andWerner Lemberg) as the 'FreeType Project', be they named as alpha,beta or final release.

Final Fantasy VII PC Original (Unmodified)

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The PlayStation went through a number of variants during its production run. Externally, the most notable change was the gradual reduction in the number of external connectors from the rear of the unit. This started with the original Japanese launch units; the SCPH-1000, released on 3 December 1994, was the only model that had an S-Video port, as it was removed from the next model.[143] Subsequent models saw a reduction in number of parallel ports, with the final version only retaining one serial port.[144]


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