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Hamlet Tretyakov
Hamlet Tretyakov

Flip4mac Wmv License Serial Number !!BETTER!!

I purchased a Flip4Mac License. When trying to install Flip4Mac I was instructed to enter my serial number. After I entered it I tried to press the activation button only to find that it was greyed out. I am unable to proceed with installation because of this.

flip4mac wmv license serial number

Are you on an Admin account? Is you computer hooked up to the internet? Have you cut and paste the activate code (serial number) to make sure there are no errors? Also watch this video and see if it helps.

DT Videolabs offers two license options, a USB Enabler key (dongle) license for the PlaybackPro Collection and Internet Activated (IA) serial code licenses for individual applications or the PlaybackPro Collection. All licenses are single seat but may be moved as needed. For more licensing information please visit our licensing page.


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