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Pg Music Band-in-a-box 24 For Mac !!INSTALL!!

Band-in-a-Box is a music creation software package for Windows and macOS produced by PG Music Incorporated, founded in 1988 in Victoria, British Columbia.[1] The software enables a user a user to create any song and have it accompanied by professional musicians playing real instruments. Despite this remarkable accomplishment, reviewers have described the software interface as awkward or outdated. The user enters four basic keyboard inputs consisting of: chords; a key; a tempo; a musical style.[2] The screen resembles a blank page of music onto which the user enters the names of chords (even sophisticated complex ones) using standard chord notation. The software generates a song typically played by four or five studio musicians using those chords; the user can specify whether to create solo parts over these chords as well. The developers have enlisted musicians as supporting instrumentalists to build huge databases of phrases in many styles of music. The software retrieves and customizes groups of musical phrases that are appropriate for soloing or comping over a particular chord at a chosen key, genre and tempo.[3] It can create backgrounds, melodies or solos for almost any chord progressions used in Western popular music, and can play them in any of thousands of different music styles.[4]

Pg Music Band-in-a-box 24 For Mac

Band-in-a-Box was first introduced in 1990 for PC computers and the Atari ST. The creator of the software is a Canadian, Dr. Peter Gannon, for whom "PG Music" is named.[3] Early versions featured only MIDI data often emulating the phrasing of noted musicians.[3] Newer versions also contain recordings (called "RealTracks") of real musicians playing real instruments. (examples below)

Widely known as "BIAB" by its users,[4] the software was initially advertised as "accompaniment software" as a practice aid for musicians but became popular for "one-man bands" to play at weddings or similar venues. It became popular in karaoke venues which touted "Band in a Box Karaoke" in advertisements.[5] Gannon said, "We started out with Band-in-a-Box as a MIDI program, generating MIDI and synth accompaniments."[1] In late 1997, the "soloist" feature was introduced, allowing the software to generate solos choosing from a menu that includes emulations of jazz luminaries, past and present; e.g., Miles Davis or Freddie Hubbard in what reviewer Peter Hum calls "credible imitations".[3] Jazz guitarist Geof Dresser, whose day job is a network software developer said," It's playing hipper lines than I can".[3] Those solos were likely due to the company's musical director for many years, Vancouver Jazz guitarist Oliver Gannon,[a] the older brother of company founder Peter Gannon.[3] Their father, Joe Gannon, was a professional pianist in Dublin, Ireland, before moving the family to Winnipeg in 1957.[7] Oliver Gannon retired from PG Music in 2008.

Band-In-a-Box used only MIDI until 1999, when digital audio was added. The latter allowed users record their vocals and instruments directly into songs. In November 2006, PG Music released "RealDrums", which was the first step in providing users with tracks recorded by real instruments. Gannon said synthetic sounds were decreasing in popularity and real audio tracks were becoming so much easier to record.[1] The "Audio Chord Wizard"(ACW), released with the 2007 version of BIAB, made it possible for a user to import any audio song file to be analyzed by the software. The ACW then "listens" to the song, analyses the chords, and prints out the chords in standard chord notation. From there, the user may produce sheet music for that song. Using the ACW feature requires the user to first synchronize the audio to the software; one way is manually adding bar lines by tapping a key on the downbeats as the song plays. This feature is being improved but is fraught with analysis errors if the original audio is not tuned to standard pitch or is not at a consistent tempo.

Later versions of the software provide the name the musician who is performing; e.g., the user can select Nashville session guitarist Brent Mason if he so chooses. RealTracks uses the élastique Pro V3 time-stretching and pitch-transposition engine by Berlin-based "zplane.development",[9] which allows the prerecorded instruments to retain much of their natural sound when the tempo and pitch are varied. Software updates continue to widen the acceptable tempo range.

At the moment, no release date has been mentioned for the next Mac upgrade, but I imagine that many of the above will be included. In the meantime, you can buy (or upgrade to) version 8, and have fun with what I consider to be one of the best music products available on the Mac today.

The biggest new feature is support for audio: musicians who want to add the finishing touches to their creations can now add a vocal or live instrument track to their BIAB songs using the audio facilities of their soundcard. Both recording and playback use Windows' preferred audio devices as set in Control Panel's Multimedia applet, and you can launch the Windows Volume Control utility from within BIAB to help set up recording levels. Clicking on BIAB's new microphone button lets you start recording at any bar in the song; once you finish a take you can keep it as a WAV file or try again. It only took me a couple of minutes to add a solo to an existing song.

I still rate Band in a Box is an ESSENTIAL tool for anyone learning Jazz. Or learning music. Or composing. The ability to pick a key, type a chord progression, pick a tempo, and then a style and go is amazing. And the Real Tracks add to the program. Anyone buying this program needs to pony up for the Real Tracks, or at least the Real Tracks they would be using. Once you start using them, the Midi Stuff is just so 1990s.

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