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Luger P08: How to Identify and Date Your German Pistol by Serial Numbers

the luger model 1908 parabellum was also produced by the swiss-based waffenfabrik bern, who produced it under the designation walther wz. 38. the design was modified and licensed for production by italian firm olivetti in 1921 and the walther-luger wz. 08/28 was produced in several versions in 1920-1923. this was the first design by walthers chief designer, hans walther, and it is the pistol with which walther is most closely identified today. the walther-luger wz. 08/28 was also known as the walther model 1908, the walther pistole 88/28, and the walther model 08/28.[7] walther produced the pistol in several batches, with some few variations in the final production.[2] the walther-luger wz. 08/28 was adopted by the german army in 1905 and issued to infantry units as the pistole parabellum. the pistol was also adopted by the swiss army in 1908, and the model 1908 parabellum was the primary sidearm of the swiss police up to the early 20th century.[7] the luger model 1908 parabellum, known in german as the walther pistole model 1908, was also adopted by the hungarian army.[7]

Luger Serial Numbers Lookup

the luger model 1908 parabellum was also adopted by the portuguese as the modelo 943.[7] it was also adopted by the portuguese navy in 1912 as the modelo 941, and the army in 1913.[7] the luger model 1908 parabellum was also adopted by the brazilian army.[7]

in 1945, the decision was made to re-introduce luger into the civilian market. this was the first time luger pistols had been made available to the public in the 38 years since the adoption of the pistol by the german army. the luger was introduced to the us market as the parabellum-luger m1918. the parabellum luger was manufactured in the united states by savage arms inc. of new haven, connecticut. savage produced 1918 parabellum lugers until the early 1950s when production was moved to lagrange, georgia. savage also manufactured models for foreign customers such as the argentine parabellum-luger from 1948 to 1953 and the swiss parabellum luger from 1952 to 1953.[24]


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