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[FSX] TSS Airbus A330 RR Trent 700 46 [CRACKED]

The T700 EHM has also been applied to the Trent 800, Trent XWB, Trent XWB Rolls-Royce AE-181C turbofans powering the Airbus A320neo and Airbus A330neo, and the Trent 9100 and JT9D turbofans powering the Boeing 787-9 and Boeing 787-10. Rolls-Royce is now working on the development of Trent XWB to the B version, which is expected to have all of the performance enhancements of the Trent XWB-9 aircraft it is powering.

[FSX] TSS Airbus A330 RR Trent 700 46

In winter 2018, airlines were able to return the T700 to service on more than 100 aircraft with Rolls-Royce replacing more than 70,000 of its high-time engines on that fleet during the year. With more than 200 service centres in more than 40 countries, the T700 has proved to be an invaluable engine for the Alliance since it entered service. In the UK alone, it powers every Airbus A380 in fleet and 100s of Airbus A330s, Airbus A320 Family aircraft and more than two-dozen narrow-body jets like the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

The Trent 700 is the newest member of the Rolls-Royce powered Airbus A330 family and the first large-capacity powerplant ever to power an Airbus single-aisle narrow-body. With the aircraft now on schedule to receive its first delivery in 2016, the goal remains to deliver best-in-class efficiency and low fuel burn, with the emphasis on three remaining areas: the engine section itself, the engines technologies, and the cabin environment. The latest evolution of the Trent 700 features the Trent 700 for the A330-200 and the Trent XWB for the A330neo.

The Trent 700 is a twin-spool, wide-chord fan engine with IPC [Integrated Propulsion Control] capability, an updated core with a new fan casing and a mid-mounted fan for increased efficiency. We also deliver new features like the brand-new AEOS active engine electronics system that gives pilots a more complete picture of the engines health in real time. In January 2015, we launched a major evolution of the Trent XWB which featured the T790XWB .


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