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First Love (2022) Episode 1

The plot revolves around a man and a woman who met in the late 1990s as teenagers and grew up together in the early 2000s. After 15 years, they meet again and try to rekindle their first love through memories. Yae wanted to be a flight attendant but suffered an accident. Harumichi served as a pilot in the JASDF but his life took a different path.

First Love (2022) Episode 1

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Tsuzuru visits Uta at the bar where she works and presents his music to her peers, which they enjoy. A frantic Tsuzuru later seeks Harumichi for advice, the latter commenting the former is showing signs of 'first love'. When Harumichi then asks how Yae is doing, Tsuzuru explains his relationship with his parents. Yae picks up Uta and drives her to the airport where she plans to audition for a dance company in Tel Aviv, Israel. Later, when Yae texts her son that she's at the public laundromat, Harumichi rushes there to find her sleeping on a bench. Yae wakes up and the two return to her apartment where he repairs her broken washing machine. They then have dinner where Yae asks Harumichi his favorite food, though the original context of the question has since been lost.

Outaro makes one final attempt to ask Yae out, which she declines. Yae provides him words of encouragement, and in return, he advises her of expressing her true feelings. Tsuzuru visits Harumichi and, deducing what has happened between him and Uta, converses with him on their love lives. Harumichi then breaks up with Tsunemi. Yae asks Harumichi out on a date and he accepts, but when the day comes, Harumichi calls her saying he is leaving Japan to be a commercial pilot overseas. Yae confesses her feelings to him and the two end their conversation. While packing his belongings, Harumichi gives Tsuzuru a CD player as a parting gift. While visiting Yae, she and Tsuzuru listen to the CD player containing Hikaru Utada's "First Love" - the song Yae and Harumichi listened to in high school when they shared their first kiss. Yae cries as she finally remembers Harumichi. The fifth sense of hearing seems to be the trigger for this remembrance.

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The drama heats up later in the evening, when Deb and Valerie finally compare notes on how their love triangle is faring. Turns out, Jesse had been leading both of them to think they were his first choice.

The foundation of Yuri Kanchiku's breathtaking Netflix series First Love is based on fate and its extraordinary powers. It wholeheartedly believes that first love is special and creates such a strong gravitational force between lovers that even the unpredictability of life cannot separate them forever. What's life but a series of events. And fate is something manipulative that puts people on specific paths, which sometimes gives rise to shocking encounters. Within the world of movies, the writers and directors become gods and move their characters as per their desires. There are times when this "manipulation" sticks out, resulting in a film/series with puppet-like characters.

There are nine episodes here. Why? Because Kanchiku wants to give a gift to all the romantic movies/series aficionados out there. Consider First Love as a complete package. There is meet-cute, amnesia, continuous separation/reunion, the plot point regarding letters hidden by parents, multiple love interests, and even that famous airport scene where the boy arrives in the nick of time to say sorry and propose to his girlfriend. In other words, Kanchiku has done a big favor for all of us who are disappointed by the slew of unromantic and ho-hum rom-coms that are churned out in large quantities nowadays. Filmmakers today have forgotten how to make a good romance, which is why you yawn at most of them. The problem is that most of them are embarrassed by melodrama. They want to be "realistic" (see pretentious) and hence, struggle to land basic emotions. Even when some try their hands at melodrama, they fail because they lack the skill to pull off the dramatic tone and emotions. So if you are starving for genuine romance, you can drown yourself in Kanchiku's excellent and heartfelt work.

There is a circular road in First Love, which alludes to the show's concept of fate and life. The cars come from one side, go around in circles, and then take the exit. Similarly, the characters enter this story from one side, go in different (or the same) directions and places and scenarios as if moving in circles, and then exit on the other side to reach their destination. Yae Noguchi (Rikako Yagi when younger, Hikari Mitsushima when older) and Harumichi Namiki (Taisei Kido when younger, Takeru Satoh when older) often meet each other at various points and get separated. All their decisions, their actions lead them toward each other. Just look at that scene in the first episode where Yae indirectly receives flowers from Harumichi. Or take another one where Yae avoids going to a particular building but eventually has to drive there due to a customer. All these incidents firmly establish the greatness of their bond.

By shifting between past and present, First Love achieves two things: (1) It reaffirms the last point made above, and (2) it provides us with a sense of discovery by dispensing information slowly and at the right moment. Through a character named Tsuzuru (Towa Araki), Yae's son, the series says that first love raises the same reaction, no matter what generation one belongs to. After a young Harumichi proposes to young Yae, she is seen in a euphoric mood, kicking her legs on the bed. This is precisely what Tsuzuru does after meeting with Uta (Aoi Yamada). Since Uta is his first love, he ends up with her. The series doesn't say that you cannot find someone else. Both Yae and Harumichi find other people and start romancing them. It's just that these other relationships are not as exceptional and unique as first romances, and therefore, they tend to crumble.

Fast forward to my career at LinkedIn in 2016, I wrote the first event focused strategy and last year, officially became a part of the team. Today, I am leading the events product team, and so proud of what we are building with a team of talented people across the globe! Needless to say, I love events, networking, and bringing people together.

In this final act, Chris, Steven, Burcu, and myself, share the things that helped us and are helping us navigate academia as first generation students. But though not all things that work for us will work for all first gens, we hope that those who are listening recognize the plight first gens go through in graduate programs. And if you are a first generation yourself, we hope that this episode, particularly this act, reminds you that you are not alone. Maybe some first gens who are listening to this are going through it, are probably doubting themselves. What message do you have for first generation students who may be listening to this, and considering grad school or in graduate school right now? 041b061a72


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