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Ezekiel White
Ezekiel White

Setup JAF - 1.98.66 Full UPDATED

OGM PKEY Emulator v5 features:- NO PKEY required - as usual !!!- Work with JAF addon BB5 NO TP Unlocker by Cinek 1.04- Work with all JAF original setups (1.98.62 too).- Work with JAF addon JAF VODAFONE/QUALCOM Addon V1.02- Can access JAF support area (all servers, Raskal servers, Thomas servers)!- Change emulated PKEY SN to many random values.- Allow manual selection of emulated PKEY Serial Number- Allow manual selection of emulated PKEY kind (Raskal PKEY, Thomas PKEY)- Full lifetime counter for emulated PKEY at each software start- For PKEY emulation used applets from original JAF 1.98.62

Setup JAF - 1.98.66 Full

Ссылка на скачивание Имя файла SarasSoft_Emergency_Cleanup.reg Lekarstvo_v02_08_000(best) ftdi.mobims.ru_.rar UFS_HWK.mobims.ru_.exe UFS_ATRz_Setup_v1.6_j.mobims.ru_(2).exe UFS_ATRz_Setup_v1.6_k.mobims.ru_(2).exe UFS_DCTx_Setup_v1.3_m.mobims.ru_(2).exe


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