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Father Of The BrideFrasier : Season 7 Episode 2

Frederick Gaylord Crane (born October 1989, played by twins Christopher and Kevin Graves in Cheers, Luke Tarsitano in 1995, Trevor Einhorn from 1996 until 2003) is the son of Frasier and Lilith Sternin. "Freddy" was born in the Cheers episode "The Stork Brings A Crane"; he appears in several episodes throughout the show's run. In the episode "Breaking In Is Hard to Do", which aired a year after his birth episode, he spoke his first word: "Norm!" He lives with his mother in Boston, but often comes to visit Frasier in Seattle on the holidays. Through his mother, he is Jewish; his bar mitzvah was most notable for his mother's emotional breakdown and his father's ill-advised attempt to make a speech in Hebrew (but in fact in Klingon) (as seen in the tenth-season episode Star Mitzvah, which reveals Freddy's middle name, Gaylord). In his first appearance, he has Lilith's hair color, but when he returns, he has Frasier's.

Father of the BrideFrasier : Season 7 Episode 2

Frederick was born during Cheers' eighth-season episode "The Stork Brings a Crane". He was delivered in a taxicab while Lilith was on her way home from the hospital after an episode of false labor. Lilith tolerated the pain by biting down on one of the cab driver's fuzzy dice. Initially, his personality is very undeveloped, as he is just a small child. In early seasons, he is portrayed as having numerous rather debilitating allergies and being rather inexpert when faced with a number of more or less mundane social situations (as seen in the fourth-season episode "A Lilith Thanksgiving"). He is known to be intelligent, achieving high academic scores, and is accepted to the Marbury Academy, an exclusive Boston private school. In addition to his intelligence, he shares several family traits, including a talent for chess, and his mother's talent at Machiavellian scheming based on an understanding of behaviorist psychology. He shares both his Uncle Niles' lack of coordination and his spelling skill, becoming one of the two final contestants on the National Spelling Championship.[3] As he gets older, more traits begin to develop. At around seven, he develops a crush on Daphne, much to Niles' jealousy. As he gets older he begins to get somewhat spoiled and surly, and enjoys Frasier's company less and less, prompting Frasier to fear a growing generation gap, particularly when Freddy becomes a goth, but father and son are able to bond over their mutual bad luck with the opposite gender. At the end of the series, he is 15 years old.

Frederick's chronologically last appearance in the Cheers/Frasier universe is during the epilogue of the tenth-season Cheers episode "I'm Okay, You're Defective", described as taking place "Many years later". It shows an older Lilith and adult Frederick (played by Rob Neukirch) sitting for the reading of Frasier's will.

Hester Rose Crane, née Palmer[4] (Nancy Marchand in Cheers, Rita Wilson in Frasier) was Martin's wife and Niles's and Frasier's mother. By the time the series begins, she has been dead for approximately six years.[5] Hester Crane died in 1987 of lung cancer.[4] Hester appears in a dream sequence (experienced by Frasier in the episode "Don Juan In Hell") and in 8 mm cine transferred to video (in the seventh-season episode "Momma Mia" where Rita Wilson also plays Mia Preston who is the spitting image of Hester).

Hester first appeared (played by Nancy Marchand) in a third-season episode of Cheers ("Diane Meets Mom") in which Hester threatened to kill Diane Chambers if Diane did not stop seeing Frasier. This Hester was duplicitous, manipulative and controlling, more so than the recollections and descriptions of her in the later series. Frasier is surprised by her threats, and says she "has always been the most gentle, rational human being [he] had ever known."

Maris Crane is Niles Crane's wife for the first few seasons of the series. She is unseen on camera, but often the subject of plotlines and jokes. Maris is immensely wealthy, much wealthier than Niles,[13] as well as spoiled, dominating, and neurotic. Many of the characters pointedly dislike her (to Niles' consternation), with Frasier contributing in the show's first episode, "Maris is like the sun ... except without the warmth".

Bulldog was credited as a regular cast member in several episodes from seasons four through to six, until the character was fired from KACL. His last appearance is in the season 11 episode "Frasier-Lite", and is notable for being one of the show's major recurring characters not present at Frasier's farewell speech in the series finale.

Gilbert "Gil" Leslie Chesterton (Edward Hibbert) is the host of Restaurant Beat on KACL. He is a pompous, effeminate, over-refined food-critic whose taste buds are insured. In his first appearance, Gil is somewhat antagonistic towards Frasier and vying for his KACL time-slot, though in subsequent appearances the issue is no longer contentious. Believed by his coworkers to be in the closet, Gil claims to be married to a woman named Deb, a "Sarah Lawrence graduate and the owner of a very successful auto body repair shop", as well as an Army Reservist, but his co-workers believe "Deb" is Gil's pet cat and do not believe the latter, either. Much of the humour related to Gil stems from his adamant denial of his seeming homosexual orientation, as well as his overall catty snarkiness. In a season eleven episode, Frasier is falsely outed on the air, after being seen at a local gay bar; Gil is seen coyly reading a newspaper outside the same bar during the episode's closing-credits before entering the bar. In "The Impossible Dream", Frasier is disturbed to find that he is having overtly sexual dreams about Gil.

And many other shows (the names of which were not given) but the hosts are:Ray Schmidt, the "Green Grocer".Bonnie Weems, the "Auto Lady".Leo Pascali, the "Happy Chef". In season 3 episode "Leapin' Lizards" the host of The Happy Chef is shown on a schedule as Floyd Lovett.Miss Judy, Arts and crafts.Helen Grogan, "Ma Nature".Chester Ludgate, KACL's "lovable curmudgeon" commentator.

Roz is quite taken with him (and he with her) at first, but she eventually catches on to his ways and rejects his advances. Simon views her as a sex object, yet always forgets her name. During the ninth-season episodes in which he appears, he constantly calls her "Rose." Roz does not care enough at that point to even correct him.

Diane Chambers (Shelley Long) left Frasier at the altar during their wedding. She appeared in four episodes, three of which were only dream sequences. In season two, she first appears in a dream that Frasier had after going to a tropical island. Then in season three, Diane visits Seattle to produce a play, but confesses to Frasier she needs help because her life is a mess. Later in the series, she appears in a dream sequence in which Frasier's ex-wives, ex-girlfriends and late mother all confront him regarding his romantic failings. Diane is mentioned throughout the series by Frasier and his family as both one of his most important relationships, as well as being the cause of a notable downturn in his life after she left him at the altar.

Woody Boyd (Woody Harrelson) appears in one episode in season six when he visits Frasier in Seattle. He and Frasier reminisce about their past days at Cheers, but the more time they spend together, the more they realize they have nothing in common but memories. Realizing that, they part as friends, agreeing to meet once every five or ten (Frasier emphasizes ten) years.

Cliff Clavin (John Ratzenberger) was in a season nine episode called "Cheerful Goodbyes" where Frasier returns to Boston for a convention and unwittingly stumbles on Cliff's retirement party, with Frasier too diplomatic to admit he had not come for the party. In a farewell speech, Frasier inadvertently convinces Cliff to stay in Boston, to the outrage of Carla, who tries to kill him with a spear gun.

Cam Winston (Brian Stokes Mitchell) is the deep-voiced tenant of the apartment above Frasier's and is Frasier's rival. The two frequently clash and compete over parking spaces, apartment board placement, and balcony rights. For all their rivalry, the two have near-identical tastes, mannerisms, and personalities, which prompt competitiveness between them. The two have a history of trumping each other tit-for-tat via the apartment board: while Frasier convinces the board to ban Cam from parking his Humvee in the provided garage, Cam, in passive protest, hangs an enormous American flag over Frasier's balcony, covering Frasier's view; as well as the obvious inconvenience, this incident also damages Frasier's standing with the board, as when he protests about the flag, Cam twists matters to make Frasier seem unpatriotic. When their parents feign a dating relationship to have the two come to a truce, Cam and Frasier finally end their feud and compromise with each other to please their parents. Martin and Cam's mother do eventually form a short lived relationship. Cam is exploited in the 10th-season episode, Door Jam, when Frasier finds an exclusive luxury spa invitation addressed to Cam in his own mail box due to their mail box exchange as a condition of their truce. Intrigued, Frasier and Niles go to the spa, but find that they are not on the "list", prompting Niles to impersonate Cam's vocal characteristics in the charade, to get access into the spa.

The last mention of Cam Winston is in the 11th-season episode, "Crock Tales": Frasier, Niles, Daphne, and Roz are locked out of Frasier's apartment on the balcony and yell for Cam's help after they are unable to gain the attention of Martin, who's inside with headphones on.

Duke (John LaMotta) is Martin's close friend. He briefly appears in the second-season episode "Dukes, We Hardly Knew Ye" when Martin takes Frasier and Niles to Duke's bar called "Duke's", which is demolished later in the episode. He also appears as one of Martin's poker buddies in the fifth-season episode "Where Every Bloke Knows Your Name". Sometime near the beginning of the eighth season, Duke moves to Florida. Duke is frequently referenced on the show, and Martin is sometimes shown speaking to him on the phone or returning from visiting with him. Duke is divorced and has a son, as well as a daughter named Marie (played by Teri Hatcher) who briefly dates Frasier in the sixth-season episode "First, Do No Harm". 041b061a72


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