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Who Buys Used Office Furniture Near Me

We buy previously-owned office furniture in great condition. If you are looking to upgrade your office furniture from our new showroom, but have no idea what to do with your old furniture, give us a call. We buy gently used desks, storage cabinets, cubicles, seating, tables, and more! For a fair price, you eliminate the hassle of finding someone to take old furniture off your hands, so you can focus on an updated office look. We make the process easy for all of our customers. All we need from you is the number of items, their age, condition, the manufacturer(s), and the date they are available for purchase. Upon reviewing this information, we will make you an offer, and the deal is done.

who buys used office furniture near me

Let Discount office Equipment help with the transformation of your workspace. For a better idea of the types of furniture we buy, or if you are interested in selling your gently used office furniture, contact our showroom at (248) 548-6904 or stop into our Oak Park, MI location.

Selling used furniture is a great way to earn money on the side while avoiding an unwanted collection of furniture pieces. Fortunately, there are plenty of places where you can sell your furniture at reasonable prices.

Furniture Finders enables you to use more than 10 matching units to find a buyer for your second-hand furniture. The most common type of furniture accepted by the store is used office furniture. Head straight to Furniture Finders if you are replacing your office furniture to sell your old ones.

Craigslist is one of the most patronized internet classified sites in the USA and one of the best places for you to sell used furniture. You can list your furniture for free in a few minutes using its easy-to-navigate interface.

Ruby Lane is a reliable place to both buy and sell used furniture, primarily vintage pieces. Whatever you want to sell here must be expensive and high-end designs. All products listed are subject to a 3.75% service fee charge. If you adore vintage pieces and antique furniture, Ruby Lane is the site to visit. Visit Ruby Lane here.

If you are confused about where to go to sell your used office furniture, look no further than Arizona Office Liquidators and Design. Through them, you can sell used lobby furniture, files, chairs, desks, tables, and more. Apart from your typical furniture pieces, they also accept artwork and other fixtures. To sell your items via their website, give them a call or submit a quote online. Visit Arizona Office Liquidators & Designs here.

To locate antique stores that buy used furniture, you can check your local yellow pages. Alternatively, you can also use the database. There are over 30,000 listed antique dealers that will be eager to purchase your furniture from you at a reasonable price. Visit here.

This is another online marketplace that you can use to sell your used furniture. You must attach the image of the furniture in the email you send them. Upon receiving your email, Route 66 will get in touch with you within a day and come to pick up your item. They will then sell the item and pay you accordingly.

A garage sale is an excellent option for you to sell used furniture. Through this means, an interested buyer will visit you at home and buy what you have on sale. This gives you the opportunity to sell any second-hand item you wish to get rid of such as used furniture, video games, clothing, and more.

eBid was launched in 1999 and is a good eBay alternative. It has a low commission fee of just 3% and boasts over 14,000 product listings on its site to date. You can list your used furniture at a fixed or auction price, and you also request for a local pickup.

A household name, eBay is a good place to start when it comes to selling used furniture. eBay offers you options to sell old furniture online: you can choose to either sell at an auction price or set a fixed sale price. eBay carries a wide selection of items and offers free shipping on many of those to make online shopping an absolute joy. Visit eBay here.

Many people think of Etsy as a place where they can sell their arts and crafts. However, you can use it to sell anything, including used furniture and home décor. On this site, you can sell vintage, antique furniture as well as other accessories like pull handles. As of 2019, over 2.5 million sellers have managed to successfully sell their items through the site. Visit Etsy here.

1stdibs enables sellers to promote and sell used furniture of all styles and designs. This is an online store for global sellers and buyers. You must first submit a dealer application; upon approval, you will have access to start selling on this global marketplace. Like other sites, 1stdibs sees to the shipping costs of any item purchased from them. Visit 1stdibs here.

Regardless of your reasons for selling, you have many local and online options to sell used furniture. If you really want to sell your furniture fast, use the two methods together. You can sell it yourself or try consignment if you are always busy. Visit Remoov here.

Several reasons can make you decide to sell your office furniture in Houston. This can include remodeling or renovating your office, your company running out of business, or an office move. You can also decide to sell your used chairs, cubicles, cabinet, and conference tables when your employees start complaining about the furniture creaking or getting outdated.

Wipe down desks, cabinets tables, and chairs with a damp cloth. Remove all traces of crumbs or coffee rings. Pay adequate attention to sticky and stained areas. Vacuum upholstered pieces, treat spills and stains on the furniture. Clean office furniture pieces tend to attract buyers. In fact, the furniture will command more value.

Used office furniture are best sold when in good condition. As a result, it is important to repair any break or damages in the furniture. Although you may not be able to carry out a comprehensive furniture refurbishment. Nevertheless, try as much as possible to make obvious repairs before selling the furniture.

Reattach any dangling plastic lining on tables and desks. Replace or tighten loose screws on table legs and armrests. Spray or apply polish to squeaky and dull parts. If possible, look for the original assembly manuals of these chairs or cubicles and pass on to the buyer. By carrying out adequate repairs or maintenance on the used furniture, you can sell the furniture faster and for a higher return.

Some factors to consider when setting the price include the actual cost price of the furniture pieces, the material the furniture is made of, the condition of the pieces, amount of years the furniture has served you, style and color of furniture, and so forth. You can also inspect the Houston furniture market to have an idea about how much those pieces would cost. With these, you can set the right price for your used office pieces.

Shoppers love to see quality visuals. The apparent value of your furniture pieces is usually judged by the quality of your product photography. If you are posting an ad online, displaying your used furniture pieces using high-quality images can attract potential buyers. This can be the charming difference between no sales and a faster conversion rate.

Another means of getting rid of your used office furniture in Houston is by holding a yard or parking lot sale. To ensure a good turnout, you can place adverts in your local newspaper, magazine, and online listings ahead of the sale. This will help get potential buyers informed.

Finally, be ready for price negotiations with potential buyers. Even though you might have set an asking price that is fair enough, you must still be willing to lower the price for buyers looking for fair deals. Remember, the ultimate goal is to get rid of the unused or extra office furniture. You can achieve this easily if you are willing to negotiate.

Are you remodeling your office or moving to a new city and need to get rid of your old, extra, or unused office furniture? Looking for buyers can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Contact us today at Clear Choice Office Solutions to handle the task. We specialized in providing excellent, top class, office furniture solutions.

Above all, our services are affordable, detailed and transparent. We can help sell your office furniture, including tables, chairs, cubicles, cabinets, and many more at the best value. Our experts will be available to speak with you and discuss the options available to you. With Clear Choice, you are certain to get exceptional services that give complete customer satisfaction.

Capital Choice Office Furniture is always looking for large quantities of quality office furniture. We are one of the few companies to buy used office furniture. Whether you are moving to a new office and want to get rid of all of your old furniture or you want to exchange your current cubicle set up for a different setup, Capital Choice Office Furniture can purchase your inventory. Historically, our best purchases involve situations where entire floors or buildings need to be liquidated of their contents. We have the resources to remove large quantities of furniture in a short timeframe. If you have a specific load of office furniture that you would like an offer on, please contact us with pictures and an inventory list of the contents.

Capital Choice Office Furniture is in business today because of the relationship we have with key suppliers and industry influencers. We have nurtured these relationships since 2005 and have been a part of retaining large amounts of office furniture including cubicles, desks, chairs, file cabinets, storage cabinets, conference tables and more.

  • The most important thing we need to give you a quote on your office furniture is a detailed list of what you have.Here are some guidelines for how that should look:Include any model numbers, e.g. EFN-442

  • Make sure you have an accurate quantity - we typically by the "panel" or "piece" and not by the "cube", although we can buy by the cube if you need us to.

  • Note the color in basic terms, e.g. "dark gray" or "light blue"

  • List dimensions, especially for file cabinets, e.g. 72" high, 36" wide, 24" deep.

  • Provide relevant descriptive attributes, e.g. for file cabinets, number of drawers.



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